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Last Chance Moms {Short Film- completed}

Two best friends in their 40s, one pregnant and unexpectedly dumped by her manchild boyfriend, the other unable to get pregnant despite countless efforts, decide to raise a baby together.


Written by Sarah Chaney & Heather Olt 

Jess Plus None
{Feature Film- completed}

An electronics-addicted woman, recently devastated by heartbreak, goes to her best friend's wedding in the middle of nowhere, where she'll be confronted by her ex, her happily coupled friends from college, and the insecure monster she becomes when she's off the grid.


The Big Chill meets Bridesmaids in Inviting Jess..

Written & Directed by Mandy Fabian

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Untitled Horror
{Feature Film- in development}
From a team of filmmakers who brought you such horror classics as Texas Chainsaw, Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday and the recent international festival hit, Secret Santa comes a story of terror and redemption. This is horror for a new generation of fans who want something more than a standard camp slashfest. Untitled Horror is a summer camp nightmare like you’ve never seen. And once you’ve witnessed it, you will never be able to forget it. 

Written by Lindsay Hollister, Adam Marcus & Debra Sullivan 
Barrier Island Icon.jpg

Barrier Island

Barrier Island {Limited Series- in development}

As a fearless and stubborn community rests their lives against the historic wall that protects Galveston Island from natural disasters, a younger generation challenges the emotional disasters no wall can protect.

Adapted from the award-winning play by David Stallings  

chickadee {Short Film- completed}

A pathologically unfiltered woman throws a surprise baby shower for her very pregnant sister, but it seems like all anyone wants to talk about is her recent hysterectomy.


​Written & Directed by Alissa Jessup 

The Missing Seven {Feature- script}

After the sudden loss of their mother, two sisters discover that she had lied about her age by seven years for the majority of her life.  With no living relatives to ask, they set out to find out what happened during “the missing seven” years of her life and what she tried so hard to hide.


​Written by Heather Olt

Believe It Or Not, It's Just Me {TV Show- script}

After a traumatic experience at a young age, Charlotte “Charlie” Hapner has based all of her life decisions on her obsession with tv shows of the 70’s and 80’s.  Enter her UHF/VHF world, where every day is a “very special episode.”


​Written by Heather Olt 

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